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Ol Parker(writer/director)
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What's New

04/09/12: Thomas Dekker tweeted out: Its official. My "mom" has a twitter! @IAMLenaHeadey http://t.co/HjKQzXOA follow her & @ZeroTimesZero !!!

04/07/12: New project for Lena. She will be voicing Dr. Sela Mathers in Grimm Fairy Tales. Check out how you can help support the project.

04/06/12: Congrats to Lena on her nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Drama at the Monte Carlo Television Festival 2012. Lena's GoT co-stars, Emilia Clarke(in the same category), Kit Harrington, and Peter Dinklage(for Outstanding Actor in a Drama)are also nominated.

Video of Lena's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel...
part 1:

part 2:

Lena signed for fans after Kimmel...check out photos and video here.

Another vid of Lena after Kimmel. This person's description for the vid...."Having never met Lena Headey I was curious to see if she would greet fans while doing some promotional work on a tv show. Well let me tell you that Lena was amazing signing autographs and taking photo ops with fans. She even showed off her broken middle finger to the tmz camera guy"

04/05/12: Ok people....Lena is on Twitter...go follow @IAMLenaHeadey
Be gentle...she is new to the Twitter madness!

Don't forget to watch Lena on Jimmy Kimmel tonight!

04/04/12: "Game of Thrones" wins the Peabody Award

04/02/12: Couple of pix of Lena tweeted out by her buddy Anthony.

Seriously!? Best. Most Amazing Birthday Ever!!!

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) reppin' all the houses in Game of Thrones! #powerISpower

04/01/12: New message from Lena on Facebook

"Game of Thrones' premieres tonight!

Game of Thrones’ duo: ‘Anxiety and insomnia but no complacency’

03/31/12: Actress Lena Headey, star of "Game of Thrones," says she's not evil like her character Cersei

Lena will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

03/30/12: Behind the scenes of the Rolling Stone photoshoot

03/29/12: "Game of Thrones" is everywhere...Check out "Game of Thrones"/Major League baseball promo

I'm sure you all have pledged your allegiance

Game of Thrones’ queen: Lena Headey lights it up in dark role

'Game of Thrones': Lena Headey, Coster-Waldau talk season 2 scheming

03/28/12: One more Clip from "Game of Thrones"

Clip from "Game of Thrones" S2Ep2

USA Today article: In 'Game of Thrones,' women are winning

Game of Thrones Women in Peril

Check out the details of the "Covert Affairs" season 2 DVD. So glad they are including the special intro that they did for the Comic-Con panel...it was so good!

Clip from "Game of Thrones"

03/27/12: Piper will be at the USA Upfront Presentation scheduled for May 17 in NY.

03/26/12: More new images of Lena as "Cersei" at the LATimes.com

03/25/12: New "Game of Thrones" promo

There's a "Game of Thrones" foldout ad in magazines...

03/23/12: New Lena image from "Game of Thrones"

HBO has released the 22 minute feature online.

03/22/12: Piper at the 2012 Lunchbox Fund Bookfair Auction

03/21/12: Piper at "The Hunger Games" NY Premiere - After Party

Piper at The Launch Of Signorina

Anthony Head to Play Chiron in 'Percy Jackson' Sequel

03/20/12: Vote for Rachel/Luce in AfterEllen.com March Madness: The Ultimate Lesbian Kissing Championship - The Elite Eight

03/19/12: GoT Promo - Pledge Your Allegiance -- House Lannister

03/18/12: Another new "Game of Thrones" trailer

New image of Lena from "Game of Thrones"

Teaser for the Game of Thrones - Season 2 - 'You Win or You Die' Feature airing March 25 on HBO

03/16/12: Piper Perabo's Culinary Affairs

Added scans from the new Entertainment Weekly

03/15/12: Info about "Game of Thrones' Trading cards

More new "Game of Thrones" pix at Entertainment Weekly

New restaurant for Piper.

Piper Perabo Throws a Dinner Party at Jack’s Wife Freda

03/14/12: New issue of Entertainment Weekly will have 4 different "Game of Thrones" covers. Here is the one with Lena

And check out this outtake from the EW photoshoot

03/13/12: New Piper photos(thanks Joe)

03/11/12: Lena in the GoT "Joffrey" Character Profile

03/10/12: New "Game of Thrones" Trailer

03/07/12: More Piper videos from ReallyTV:

More "Covert Affairs" scoop from E!:
Annie's (Piper Perabo) getting a new mentor...and a new love interest! Talk about spoiled. Two new characters will recur on the USA Network hit's third season: Lena will be a confidant for Annie, one who may be harboring some secrets, while Simon will be bringing tension of the sexual kind to his happenings with the blonde operative.

Some "Covert Affairs" scoop from TVGuide.com:
Annie is getting a new mentor and confidant this season. If Joan is the "cold mom," think of Lena as the "cool mom," something Annie greatly aspires to be. Though Lena's a consummate professional, she's also very inclusive and treats her operatives as equals. Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. Sorry, Annie!

03/06/12: Lena is now not able to attend Throne Con due to her filming schedule. The promoter has put out a statement on the website forum and there is message from Lena on her Facebook page

Matthew Goode Talks Chan-wook Park’s Stoker

You just have to love Thomas Dekker...he is such a sweetie to the fans. Here's another pic from him with Summer Glau and Lena.

"Game of Thrones" season 1 DVDs are out today.

03/04/12: Added the scans from Rolling Stone magazine.

03/03/12: Lena and her "Game of Thrones" co-stars in new issue of Rolling Stone.

Thomas Dekker tweeted out a pic of him and Lena on the "Vigilandia" set from his visit today.

New "Game of Thrones" trailer at EW.com

03/02/12: Trailer for Ol's "Now is Good" starring Dakota Fanning. Movie comes out May 25 in the UK.


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