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Fonthill Pottery


For my visit to "Flowered Up", I contacted the owner of the Fonthill Pottery shop, Emmanuel. He graciously agreed to let me come and take some photos of the shop for the site. He said the IMAY production was there for a total of 10 days with 5 those for filming. Everything had to be taken out of the rooms that they used. They had thought about using the upstairs area of the shop but decided not to. In the Princess of Wales pub across the street from the shop, the function room downstairs was where they were setup to feed the cast/crew during their time there. Emmanuel said other fans had come by asking about the shop and the movie.

Exterior shots around the shop


Inside "Flowered Up"... The Frontroom

Inside "Flowered Up"... The Backroom

Sign in the window of the shop


Fonthill Pottery
38 Chalcot Rd

(corner of Chalcot & Fitzroy Rds)



Locations I Visited

All Saints Church
Primrose Hill
Fonthill Pottery
Wyfold Road/Brandon House
Primrose Hill Primary School
Channel Films

Walbrook St. at Mansion House



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