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Lena Q&A July 2010

Lena graciously agreed to answer some questions for the site and answer some fan submitted questions. Enjoy!

What about motherhood has surprised you the most?
The overwhelming feeling of absolute love, of course i expected to love him but it is distracting and dizzying , all consuming and BEAUTIFUL , truly beautiful. 

How is life over in the UK? Are you ready to go back to work on “Game of Thrones”?
Life back in the uk is er .... ok, but i love Los Angeles dammit, there i said it... though its good to be near great friends. I am excited and nervous about going back to work, very ready and not ready one bit. 

Have you read the novels that the series is based on and what drew you to the role of “Cersei”?
No and she's a curious woman, a hard shell but inside i believe there is deep paranoia and a growing madness.

You are working once again with Peter Dinklage on GoT.  What memories do you have of working with him on “Ultra”?
We giggled ALOT, mostly at a cat driving a car, i'll let him explain that one. i am very happy to be working with him again, he is playing a great character and i hope we get some story lines together.

Do you enjoy working on period projects? Do you have an era that you would love to do a project in?
... deepest darkest victorian era... the wild west and the 70's.. i love costume, great costume designers are so wonderful to work with, very inspirational when creating a character.

Going from Terminator to GoT , both with huge fan followings, is it hard to live up to the fan expectations?
I am constantly encouraged when people enjoy what i do, it makes me very happy that some people "get" what i do ..  there is no great mastermind behind it.. so i don't think people have expectations, i think they either dig you or not.. so to those  who dig.. THANKYOU .    BTW ..(sidenote) i am shit and disorganised at answering fanmail BUT lori is helping me set something up... because she is SO freakily organized.

What would you have liked to explore with the role of Sarah Connor that you didn’t get a chance to?
There were so many things i wanted to do with the character and sadly it never happened.. i think she could've been darker and a little more fucked up .. and i wanted to expose more of her isolation.
What can you tell us about the horror film,”Old Scratch” and your character in it?
lets just hope Rob gets to make his freaky movie.. we are our own little studio.. the sarah conner rejects.

Any updates on “The Sophisticates”?
I will make this fucking film. 

I love seeing you do comedies.  Who are your favorite comediennes?
Tina Fey, Catherine O'Hara .. nuff said. 

For you, what is the best and worst thing about being an actress?
hmmnn .. its a tough one, i am weirdly shy and somedays i find my job really fucking hard BUT on days when i can lose myself and not judge every little thing i do then i can truly enjoy it, i leave work with a big grin on my face and i feel proud. 

Are there any other TV shows that you would love to work on, like maybe “Covert Affairs”?
I think Piper would kick my arse ...actually i know she would.. she's in ridiculous shape. 

The arcade dancing scene in IMAY…Had you ever tried one of those machines before? Ol said that you and Piper choreographed the dancing in that scene.
Yes, with the aid of alcohol we choreographed it in two seconds in our trailer, it was the last day and we were pretty giddy.

IMAY has had a lasting effect on fans.  Did you have any idea the kind of effect it would have?
i didn't to be honest , all i knew was it was i had a wonderful time making it... i think thats what people feel when they watch it.

If Ol wanted to do a sequel (which the fans would love to see happen) would you do it?  What would you like to see happen in a sequel?
... maybe rachel and luce move to costa rica and start a monkey sanctuary...

When you look back on IMAY, what does it mean to you?
It was just a really enjoyable job, we were all so supportive of each other, all the cast and the crew, we all loved our characters.

Fan Submitted Questions:
Is there anything you can relate to with the character you play in the Games of Thrones?
God no... apart from being a mum now, i am excited about bringing a whole new experience to my work.

Aside from Games of Thrones, are they any other projects that we can look forward to?
 i haven't worked in so long. i seemed to be offered alot of work when i was pregnant.. obviously i was unable to do any of it.

Describe your character in "Game of Thrones" in 5 words or less.
smart , insecure, ferociously maternal, cutthroat, paranoid.

Would love to know how you are approaching the role of Cersei for Game of Thrones seeing as it's pretty much the first time you’ve been cast in a "villainous" role. Are you looking forward to playing someone the audience will hopefully love to hate?  
I am so looking forward to be a villain for once ... i am usually cast as the good moral person.. i shall indulge my imagination in this role.. and just about resist the urge to be ULTRA villainous.

What kind of reseach did you do for your role in Game of Thrones? Have you met George R. R. Martin to discuss your interpretation of the role of Cersei?
I met George though we didn't discuss,he was enjoying a lovely pint or two in scotland with the rest of the cast, i was pregnant....  i think he trusts us to do him proud.  

How much do you miss playing the role of Sarah Connor?

I miss working with Thomas .. we are great friends and it was such a mutual support and encouragement ... he is a wonderfully generous beautiful young actor, i am so excited to see what happens for him.... he is seemingly taking over hollywood , getting the recognition he should.

At the end of the SCC S2 finale, what do you think happens to Sarah Connor? Is she always fated to get cancer? Do you think she ever sees John again?
she should see John again .. they are a great team..they still have alot to teach each other.  

There has been a lot of talk recently about the possibility of a Sarah Connor Chronicles movie. Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau and Brian Austin Green have all said they love to come back together for it. You're the only one who hasn't been heard from and you're the whole reason I loved the show! Please tell me you'd be Sarah again if there was a movie.
I would consider it yes.

What's the status on Kill Drug ?? I.e. Are you close to achieving your dream of directing??
the status on british movie making is pretty dire... i will direct .. i know i keep saying this .. i just have to find the time and assemble a wonderful cast and crew who are willing to accept grovelling thanks and a good party instead of money.

Have you ever thought about collaborating with Pete with his music?
As in doing vocals with him? ah ha !!! we sing alot together ( stupidly).... he is always saying lets do something together but he's just being sweet ... i would murder peoples ears ... he has the natural gift.

congratulations to you & Pete with the birth of your son, what's his name?
Thank you. Wylie Elliot Loughran.

If your son expresses that he would like to pursue acting, what advice would you give him?
I want him to be happy and fulfilled .....  at the moment i'd just like to see him pursue a nights sleep. 

What's your personal favorite song of Pete's?
ahh freelove lady .. and all the songs he hasn't released which are softer and more vocal, i prefer him and a guitar .. simple and perfect. He sings to Wylie, its the only time he lies still.

When was the last time you connected with Piper (either by phone, text, in person)?
she sent me a bunch of flowers via text for the arrival of Mr Wylie.

Do you & Piper still know the dance routine you did in IMAY?
errr no ..

What was it like to work with Piper Perabo?
horrid.. she's so mean ..lol

With Michael Jackson's 1st year death anniversary tomorrow (06/25), we wanna know:
What's your all-time FAVORITE song by the King of Pop? :)

easy. PYT

And, something completely random (from one northern english lass to another!) during your time in Yorkshire, were you ever tempted to go on Ilkley Moor b'ah t'at? ;-)
"where the ducks play football"...fuck no... too cold up there. 

What role that you've played is your absolute favorite or are you most proud of. & What movie you've done are you most proud of being part of?
i still feel very proud of my performance in Aberdeen. i am my biggest critic.


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