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Lena Q&A June 2011

Questions submitted from email and Lena's Official Facebook page.

Joe : When will the episode of White Collar air? Will we ever see you on Covert Affairs?
I have no idea about white collar.
Would be definitely up for covert affairs .... Hmmmmnnn ???!!!

Hadeel: Why haven't we seen any photos of little boy Wilie yet? :D
Cause he's OURS !!!  ;) ! I may put one out ... MAY 

I'm one of those people who are SO waiting to see you in upcoming movies (no matter if it's British or American.. love you speaking the British accent though).. is there any in the near future?
I just shot judge dredd in February. I don't know it's release date. It was the darkest character I have played to date!!! .... MaMa is American ... I'd love to do some heavy drama someday soon ... Maybe I'll get to play British ..

Is there any common character/s between Lena and Luce? if yes, what?
Well Luce wore my clothes ... ... we share that. And I'd say she's one of the most human characters I've played ... Emotional and real ..  So yes we share those traits. 

Can you cook? 'cause I can't really, lol
Yes I really can ..... You fancy dinner ?

Out of curiosity >> Your favorite singer? actress? cartoon-character? novel/book?
Singer.. Bob Dylan/joni  Mitchell .. Many many others ... Though they spring to mind .
Actress ... Miranda July. Penelope Cruz. Vicky mclure . Elle fanning ....  Cartoon character ... I love stewie and Lois ' relationship in family guy.   Novel .. Birdsong is a favorite of mine and the corrections

Jamie: The scene at the end of 'The Broken' with Gina and the doppelgänger in the bathroom together was brilliantly acted. The character's face expressed a litany of emotions; from shock & horror, to pain & lost, and finally realization & acceptance. You managed to make these feelings overlap and bleed into one another as they were happening. You could see it in her eyes the moment she understood everything while the rest of her was still distraught. As an actor, how did you approach that scene, what was your process? How many takes did it take? Was it as emotionally and physically exhausting as it appeared?
I'm so happy you noticed :) ... It was an intense shoot and I LOVE being tired and challenged ... It's a fine line between too exhausted and just tired enough that you can surrender yourself .... Happily it was one of the last days of filming and I just put my self in the moment and let go.  

Alexis: Is her Game Of Thrones accent her normal speaking voice? Or did she alter her accent for Cersei?
that's me Alexis... Though cersei is a WEE bit posher ...

Isabel: what is the most challenging role you've played so far?
Hmmmnnn challenging .. I equate challenging with exciting ... So Kaisa from Aberdeen.

Claire: Are you enjoying playing a somewhat complex villain (im not even sure this is the right thing to call Cersei) on Game of Thrones?
Yes .... I enjoy not playing to be liked. 

Noemí: What is it that you more love about Cersei?And it that you more hate?
I admire her love for her kids and that she holds it together. I don't hate her .... Yet

Mical: Have you read all the books? If so, which one is your fave?
I haven't read the books and I know some of the fans will never let me live that down but it's a choice for me. All I heard is that cersei is one note and pure evil. With the clever scenes and the journey David and Dan have for the character we are making her more than that .... She will continue to drift into darker territory ... You have to have a journey... She will boil and some point but for now she's on a manipulative scheming sizzle

Dagger, mace, or sword?
What ? .... Laboutains .... Oh ok ...sword . 

Ana: Does Lena follow the (rather split) reaction of the ASOIAF fanbase regarding her rendition of Cersei?
I don't follow no ... Though  I understand fans of this genre are super loyal and especially fans of the books. For me as an actor I want to bring dimension and investment to a character..... But hey .. You ain't gonna please everyone out there ...  

What are the sources of inspirations for Cersei's character, where does she draw from when playing it?
I'm now a mother so I understand the immeasurable power of that .... And to be a woman in a mans world ... Strangely ... I also understand that!!!  

Kristina: Is there a certain type of character, or even a specific role, that you haven't had a chance to play yet but would like to do so in the future? - Q2: What is the status on your own projects at the moment? Anything new in planning/coming up?
I want to do some comedy. Trying to balance work motherhood and my own stuff. Tricky.

Came up with one last question(Q3 from me): Comparing Sarah Connor & Cersei, would you say they have similarities? Or are they completely different characters? Also thank you to Lena for taking the time to answer our questions :)
Their fierce love for their kids is where the similarity ends. And a will to survive. 

Ananda: Has filming for Season 2 started yet? Will you be returning to LA when it's over?
We start in July. I shall return to LA as it's where my house is ;) 

Marcia: One more question: if you could be more like ANY of the characters you've portrayed, which would it be and why?
I think Angelica From Grimm ... I'm still a tomboy and she was physically free. I like that combination. And I love to horse ride. 

Kaye: Did you have any opinions about Cersei before you were offered the role? Were there other characters you were interested in playing?
I was excited by her from the start. Even before I saw pages. She will have such a journey and hopefully a huge fall from power. 

Anna: You've had a very interestig movie career in UK, I love most of the roles you played in then. How are the chances for us followers to see you in American movies? Or will you focus mainly on TV and directing?
I like working. Keep practicing. Don't wanna get rusty.
I am pushing on with my intense passion to direct. Patience is not my forte but I'm in it for the long haul.

Ruth: As a Spaniard, I'd like to know why do you like Pedro Almodóvar so much? Are his actresses, his scripts... what do you like the most? Which one is your favourite movie of him?
I just love his movies ... I love that even if a character is on screen for 2 seconds he manages to pull memorable performances from everyone. I love his movies stylistically. And he celebrates women.

Christopher: How do you see Cersei handling her emotions when they conflict with her wishes for her blood relations? For as cold and calculating as she seems at times she also seems to still have the capacity to really be hurt. She seems genuinely disgusted and embarrassed by her husband’s public womanizing for example. She also seemed authentically disturbed, haunted in a sense, talking about her dead son.
Of course she has a capacity for hurt ... She is human after all. She has a vivid emotional history, her kids  keep her pushing through. She struggles a lot .. Her fear of her father is huge ... Though she is desperate to prove herself to him.

Do the lotus tattoos have an expressly religious significance? The design looked like it might be Tibetan inspired and I also read that you are a vegetarian and work for animal rights. One of my professors from college is a Tibetan buddhist and that reminded me of a conversation we had on karma and rebirth and other sentient beings. (My rub-on Count Chocula tat is purely decorative.)
Yes it's Tibetan . .... Always seeking to find some place of self acceptance ... Ha!! Our lifelong journey ...I was veggie for a long time. Meat is back in my diet .. Very rarely... And I always know where my produce is from.Acceptance ... Ha! exactly. It's a fucking struggle .. But an interesting journey.I actually enjoy getting tattooed. Without sounding like a cheese ball .. I have found a state of peace unlike any other during a 7 hour session.

Karen: If you gave sweets to your son would they be Gummy Bears, or carrot sticks?
Ha ha ... Carrots. He is an absolute crazy boy with HUGE energy... Sugar and my son would be explosive.I always have a stash in my car ..... For me to eat on the DL ... Double standards !!!!!

Holly: How long did it take you to get used to driving in America?
Two seconds. Didn't have a choice. LA is not foot friendly

What is your favorite beer? Wine? Drink?
Any cold beer and I'm in ! 

Do you find it funny you've played gay 4 times? (if you count "Mrs. Dalloway") Would love to see more. :)
Not funny .... Awesome. I love the characters I play ...  Even if they are somewhat less than sweet. I am always up for anything that I find interesting.
Do you mind paparazzi or when fans stop to talk/take pictures?
I LOVE it when people who get a kick from what you do ask for photos. .....If you're not in the middle of something personal.... I am always happy to oblige. 
Paparazzi ????.. Chancers ... Whatever they are ... Don't make me swear ...

What is your favorite book and are you reading one now?
Right now I'm reading the secret lives of people in love by simon van booy   .. A gift from my best friend ... And bossy pants ... I read two books at a time ... Though I am deeply inconsistent.

Is Pete going to be gigging around LA anytime?
Hope so ... Daddyhood and work is all consuming right now.. Will keep you posted. 

Do you play any musical instruments? Did you play sports in school?
Ha ha ... And yes .. A lot of sports ..

Do you have an interest in doing live theater?
Absolutley definitely . Wish I could sing. I'm a SUCKER for a musical

If you could write an additional scene for IMAY, what would it be?
I think when Luce and Rachel are 90 and drunk on holiday ... 

When do you leave to film 2nd season of Game Of Thrones?

Sil: Are you going to Comic Con this year?????
Will let you know asap. 

Cindy Ligon Pilkinton In the movie category, what is one drama you love to watch over and over? What about a comedy?
Ahhhh Cindy .... Don't know if it's classed as a comedy but dirty dancing is a fave .. And Miranda july's.   you me and everyone we know ( dark comedy) 

Kelly: I see that you are a dog lover, are all of your dogs spayed or neutered? :o)
Absolutely yes.

Sylvia: When are you coming back to South Africa and bringing your family for a holiday on the wild side?
I fell in LOVE with south Africa. Magical.

Marifer: I just want to say Lena is: Talent! Gorgeous! Simplicity! Brilliant! And Funny! Go Lena!! You have fans here in Argentina who support you!! Kisses & Hugs!
Marifer ... You have great taste ! 









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